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A declaration to friendship

As Venus makes its way into Aquarius, friendship becomes the forefront of our relationships.

“Birds of a feather”

I used to walk around not saying how I directly felt about things because it was hard for me to believe all the things what others said to me given the perception indiviuals give off to the world.

Couple that with my amazing history in choosing to go after what I want instead of recognizing what I need.

Sprinkle in having an irrational fear of abandonment and a hyper focus on fixing insecurities.

A recipe for a wild little friendship right?

Anyways new year, better habits.

What I had failed to realize is that you all always saw me for who and what I am vs who or what you wanted me to be.

Or even who or what I thought I wanted or was going to be.

You were patient and kind and always supportive.

If I was in the middle of nowhere, there was always the feeling of knowing I had you with me.

A phone call away, even at 2AM.

You’ve protected me from my own internal combustion so many times I probably wouldn’t have left my bed in the morning most days if it weren’t for you all.

You could see right through me because we were the exact same.

Broken and beaten through life, but resilient, strong, magnetic, glowing, and powerful nonetheless.

When I had no strength or power or resilience you felt like a bulletproof vest taking every shot for me while I was the one shooting.

I didn’t realize how hard it would be in this position.

To build something from the ground up, but how could I navigate Earth without making a few life altering choices.

If I could do anything for you it’s to open my arms and give you the world for putting up with my next level craziness and “what if’s” and “but, why's?” the past few years.

You guys are the real deal Holyfield angel with the crooked halo on my shoulder whispering the wildest things to make me laugh or get me going.

It’s like you kept ripping the bandaid off to make me realize who I was.

To remind me I don’t need it, and to show me the comeback can be as quick as the fall.

For all of those things no matter what direction our lives go in you’ll always be family and have a friend in me.

You and your families.

I’ll love you forever and always.

All of you.



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