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Dear Mom,

There are millions of things I wish I could thank you for, but one teaching stands out above the rest.  

When being surrounded by loud boys my entire life, I felt like my voice was often lost. I would strain to get a word in, but somehow, you were always listening. In turn, I learned to listen by your example. To respect the voices around me and let them speak in all ways they can and know how to. From this I learned from you that most times I wouldn’t have to speak to someone to understand. You understood. You observed and analyzed. You taught me how to read between the lines. You gave me my vision. Our relationship has gone through highs and lows and lefts and rights, a few roundabouts (those were my fave), but eventually I learned how to work with the boys and they all became my friends because I took the time to listen to them. With more than my ears. All of the men in my life have showed me the many different ways I know I should be loved, but you taught me something more valuable than I could ever put a price tag or doting of affection on. You taught me how to love myself fearlessly by appreciating my natural talents, and knowing the joy and comfort they could bring to others. With that I felt power and strength and elasticity. No matter what direction we headed in—we always knew it was forward. Love you momma, thanks for being my rock and my soft place✨ 

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