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Voting 11/6/2018 🗳

Imagine a world where society has been  driven to religion as a means to reconnect with their spirit. Now, imagine a country that allows freedom of that religious practice.  Furthermore imagine practicing your religion of choice and being ripped out by ICE officials to be deported to an impending death sentence on your day of holy rest. Now, imagine your place of sanctuary under terrorist attack and it being an actual death sentence to practice freely what you thought would connect you better to your spirit. Now turn on your television. Open Facebook, Twitter. Scroll, flip channels, tweet. Wake UP. This is the world we live in. As a human, this should anger you. Who should you trust?  That your fellow man is being prohibited from their experiencing their lives and liberties due to an impossibly flawed education system and a lack of screening and processing on mental health and gun control. The corruption and strive for power and control of humanity and their choice of lifestyle stems from the opposing parties insecurities. The idea of their lack. The thought that this is what I should fear, because it is what I am without. Or that this is what I can dismantle or control through my own arrogance and ignorance to the needs and plight of spiritual enlightenment of choice. Innocent people have had their lives turned upside down time after time after time. In churches, in temples, in mosques, daily. So why don’t we ask. Especially on November 6th. Why? Why does this person, who is going to have power and control of humanity and what it lacks, deserve my vote? Are they going to dismantle and control the right things for the betterment of society or for themselves? Are they a civil servant or an egoist? Why should I support them? Are they kind? Are they compassionate? Do they listen? Why do they deserve to represent me? Do they? Can they? Will they? Why. Don’t forget to vote for who and what matters on Tuesday.  

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