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The Structures of Love:3 Pigs, 1 Wolf, 3 Different Source Materials to Build a Shelter

March 21, 2018 It’s National Reading Month and I took a trip down memory lane when something occurred to me while reading one of my favorite childhood stories:The Three Little Pigs. The pigs houses and dynamics reminded me of a modern way to describe current structures of loving relationships.  Let’s recap. 3 pigs. 1 wolf. 3 different source materials to build shelter. Piggy 1 uses straw—artful and pliable. Malleable and light, but flimsy and fantastical, unrealistic and unreliable. Imagine a love built on the foundations of straw. A flimsy, unrealistic and unreliable fantasy. Easily gone with the wind at the wolf’s huff. Piggy 2 uses sticks—rustic and sturdy, but light, susceptible to weathering and decay. It seems like a safe place, but over time even without the threat of a wolf, this foundation will crumble from the inside out if not meticulously catered and maintained. Piggy 3 uses bricks. All white bricks. Off white bricks. Light tan bricks. Strong and lasting, predictable and reliable, safe, but this process is the most time consuming and leaves open susceptibility to a robbery. Though once this foundation has been established it is long lasting and worthwhile. Now how to figure what your relationship is built on? Well ask yourself... if the wolf came and huffed and puffed and blew your house down how would it survive? Are you and your partner working together to build something or are the two of you building different shelters? Let me know in the comments below and tag whoever you want to wake up to bacon with💓 

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