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Four letters.

One word.

A meaning many struggle to define.

A drug?

An act of devotion?

A lesson or a blessing?

What comes to mind when we think of love at Salem’s Vision?


That one word can be subject to so many different meanings for myriads of souls.

That a single word creates a dizzying bond between two people.

Falling in love is easy.

It’s natural.

It’s choosing to stay in love which dictates its power.

From creating motivation, to fears and insecurities, when utilized properly love is the driving force behind humanity, passion, and attachment.

As humans, it is intimacy that we crave with someone chemically compatible, and the cardinal emotional connection between two people often reminds us of a classic poem by Robert Frost.

The funny thing about a word with such potential is that it only leads in two directions.

Heartbreak or forever.

We’re all destined to experience both in a lifetime, but do you ever realize it always comes down to a choice...

should we stop to listen....

Now it’s up to you to see where to travel.

I’m here to help.

No matter which direction you choose.

All my luck and love to you,



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