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To my sensitive souls,

I definitely know how you feel.

I’ve always been so sensitive about everything for most of my life.

Especially the things I couldn’t control.

As a kid, the wind would knock me over because I was skinny and lanky.

I would get upset and cry because I couldn’t do anything about it.

So foolish, yet frustrating.

When I was in high school and I couldn’t breathe due to panic or figuring out what to do in life I would get the urge to run.

I had my first yoga class in HS and stretching became my thing...

I learned the bigger you open yourself up the less cortisol, a stress hormone, seeps into your brain.

Opening your body up gives the illusion of dominance to the mind making us feel more powerful.

Sometimes you gotta fake it ‘til you make it.

Try warrior or mountain yoga poses (in the mirror or close your eyes and feel the earth beneath grounding you and connecting to you as one, as if you’re roots are firmly planting themselves), those will aid in strength by giving the idea of power.

Yoga saved my life honestly.

The deep breathing and meditative state is incredible for depression.

I’ve gone in and out of depression for most of my existence.

It’s a genetic thing for me.

(doesn’t help I have a Libra Moon, these scales always weighing all these options)

But, the place I always feel strongest, safest, and most powerful are in spiritual realms like yoga or burning incense or any type of meditative exercise.

Wiggling around, any type of movement (I LOVEEEEE dancing, especially in the mornings when I’m getting the day going) will increase endorphins and drop a little bit of happiness into your life.

The best we can do is open our hearts and minds to the world and begin to discern and let faith and the universe guide us.

All my luck and love to you,

Salem 🌞

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