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this girl i met in the bathroom HARDCOVER

this girl i met in the bathroom HARDCOVER

Preorder your hardcover version of "this girl i met in the bathroom."

This project is self published and self funded.




This book was written with the intention that it would be read in the same style and voice it was cultivated with.




When are you the most vulnerable if not a bathroom?


This book is intended to be read with your legs open, pants down, peeing or taking a poop. Diarrhea, word vomit, actual vomit, whatever. Imagine anyone pouring their guts out in such a state. Imagine a showerhead engulfing you in the warmth of its stream after that. Slip on a soft robe and paint on a face mask.


The bathroom is a place for a myriad of emotional expression.


This book is meant to be visualized, read, and experienced in a bathroom.

While reading this book, you will experience many emotions and thoughts. This book can be read in its entirety, or it can be read as individual stories that make up a collective novel.


In each chapter, the variations of how the stories are told reflect the person that the main character is most involved with at the moment.

Some chapters are full experiences, some are poetic, some chaotic. You can pick up the book, start reading at any chapter, and engulf yourself in whatever part of the story that you open up to. You don’t have to read the next chapter. You don’t have to read the chapter before. Each # tells a story.


This book doesn’t name the main character. For a while…


This book refers to the main character as “Girl,” which becomes the name she is referred to by other characters in the book. Girl represents the real-life experiences that any and many women encounter. She is the person reading this page. She is the person writing this page.

In fact, these stories are based on real-life experiences and encounters.


Newsflash: I am Girl.






hi. <3


This book mimics all the nuances of the emotions a person feels in a bathroom. These moods will be featured throughout this book in bold and italics and are inside cute curly brackets (ex: {}).


They are used with the intention of allowing you to feel what the main character feels emotionally and intellectually. If you picture the meaning of the last word in your head while reading the entry, you will understand the mood of the page.


I received the nickname “Girl” many years ago, and I am still called that to this day. What started as a joke sparked the beginning of a movement, one built on intrinsic thoughts and a philosophical viewpoint.


This is the girl u meet in the bathroom.

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