The Signs Most and Least Likely to Commit

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The four signs most interested in having a quick fling are Aries, Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Aries are very bold. When they see what they like, they go after it and nothing stands in their way. Their modalities are cardinal fire. They like to start things and do so with passion. They’re ruled by the planet Mars. The planet of sex and aggression. They are also quite impulsive and act first and think later. They’d be more likely to hit and quit it. An Aries personality is very wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Love em, and leave em. They’re all about their independence.

On the other side of the zodiac opposite Aries is Libra. Libra is the flirt of the zodiac. They love subtle attention and use their natural charm and magnetism to attract their love interests. Their modalities are cardinal air. They like beginnings and thrive having another half in their life. They simply enjoy partnership of any kind. Good luck keeping a Libra around though. Libra is ruled by Venus. The planet of beauty and charm and money. They love to love and be in love but are more into the idea of love than actually being in it. They can and will get anyone they want, whenever they want.

Our other air sign is Gemini. They’re super flighty. If you can even keep their attention long enough they might give you the time of day. Otherwise their on to the next form of mental stimulation they can get. Their modalities are mutable air and they’re ruled by Mercury. The planet of communication and technology. Making them super go with the flow and all about the mind and communication. So if you can’t keep these Gems attention don’t bother.

On the opposite end of them is another fire sign, Sagittarius. They’re also all about adventure, but you’re looking at the wise crack that never grows up. Talk about commitment issues. They’re not here for all the details and nuances that come with a relationship, they’re here for a good time and that’s pretty much it. They’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. It’s no wonder they can’t be tied down. They want it all and then a little more. Unless you come across the super philosophical types that aren’t really into that stuff because of personal values.

The four signs more likely to want to commit are Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio.

Capricorn is the Daddy of the Zodiac. They’re ruled by Saturn. The planet of rules and regulations. They like to call the shots and are always 100% invested once they’ve been won over. Their modalities are cardinal earth. The seed planted in the soil. Interpret that anyway you want, but when they do something they do it to bear results and returns on their investments.

On the opposite end of that is Cancer, the momma of the Zodiac. They’re ruled by the moon and know to love to nurture and feed and baby those they’re with. They also love to feel those things themselves. They’re all about their feelings and they can be a bit wishy washy due to their cardinal water modalities. Ever changing as the moon does during its phases, but if you ask the moon it’s always shining. And that’s a Cancer‘s love. Even when you can’t see it, you know it’s always there.

Taurus is also likely to be committed. They’re all about their comforts. Food, shelter, and when they’re comfortable around you, believe you’ll be part of that equation, too. They’re fixed earth. Not fans of change and very sensual and stable types. They’re ruled by the planet of Venus, the planet of beauty and love and money. The best way to a Taurus’s heart is having all of those things.

On the opposite end of them is the raging depths of Scorpio. Scorpio is very likely to commit and stay committed once they do. This is because if you know any of their secrets you’re going to die with them. If a Scorpio is involved in anything, their whole soul is involved in it as well. They may not trust you, but that’s because they’re still learning to trust themselves. Their modalities are fixed water. Think the deepest parts of an ocean. So many undiscovered creatures. They’re ruled by Mars. The planet of sex and aggression.

Some signs really value stability and a lack of change which is why they’re more likely to commit than others.

Some enjoy being more free and expressive, while others, such as those with lots of Saturn placements like Capricorn and Aquarius, can be more disciplined and structured.

Don’t mistake Aquarius for just a Saturn ruling however. They’re also ruled by Uranus. Which is typically erratic and shocking. You never know what you’re gonna get!

Some signs are also really clingy once attached, watery signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio need to know you’re not going anywhere and can overcompensate.

Air signs are probably the most chill. Their heads are mostly in the clouds unbothered.

Fire signs—as long as their egos are being fed, and they have adequate freedom are hit or miss. The ball’s usually in their court.

As for earth signs—the ball is usually in their court as well. They don’t take or make any decisions lightly.

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