Help Save Garmawa

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

The village of Garmawa nestled between Alqosh and Telkeppe in Iraq’s indigenous community is up for sale. The highest bidders? A Kurdish businessman and the Shlama Foundation.

Shlama is a nonprofit organization comprised of a camaraderie of people from these respective villages.

Shlama’s hope is to preserve their homeland and identity through these villages. In an effort to do so—a gofundme page— has been established for the Suraya (Chaldean/Assyria/Syriac) community to unite and show their strength. This is an urgent and historical matter.

The people of Garmawa fear that if their village is bought out they will be displaced. They have been in their homes for hundreds of years. The same tragedy happened to the people of Mosul when ISIS raided their town. The difference is now we have the opportunity to make change and take charge.

Make a difference in your community. You have a chance to make yourself and your ancestry proud. There are over a million Suraya around the world. We are the indigenous people of Iraq. We’re facing our 6th genocide in history. There is an ethnic and religious purging of OUR people in the OUR land of Nineveh. We need hope. We need help. We need you.


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