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Across the Globe: Navigating Friendships as a First-Generation Assyrian in the Diaspora

As a first-generation Assyrian navigating the diaspora, cultivating friendships with individuals dispersed across the globe can present unique challenges.

The Assyrian community boasts a rich history and culture spanning millennia, but for many of us, our families were displaced from our homeland due to strife and persecution, resulting in a widespread Assyrian diaspora.

While the diversity and global connectedness of our community are awe-inspiring, it can be arduous to sustain profound and meaningful relationships with friends dispersed across the world.One of the most formidable challenges of connecting with friends across time zones is synchronizing schedules.

The disparity in schedules between individuals living in different parts of the world can make it challenging to coordinate a time to catch up. This challenge is compounded by work and school schedules that often vary widely.

Despite this obstacle, options such as utilizing technology to schedule video chats and sending voice messages when time allows, and adjusting schedules to find a mutually convenient time can facilitate meaningful connections.

Another obstacle is navigating cultural differences that can affect communication and understanding between friends.

As a first-generation Assyrian, friends in the diaspora may come from diverse cultural backgrounds that differ from one's own.

It is vital to embrace an open-minded and respectful attitude towards cultural differences and take the time to learn about each other's customs and traditions. This can strengthen the bond between friends and foster a sense of community across the diaspora.

Despite the challenges, having friends across the globe presents a rare opportunity to broaden one's horizons and gain insights into diverse cultures and traditions.

These relationships offer the chance to learn from one another, deepen our understanding of the world, and develop greater empathy towards different perspectives. The added benefit of being able to travel to different parts of the world to visit friends is a unique and enriching experience.

Cultivating relationships with friends across the globe can be challenging for first-generation Assyrians in the diaspora.

However, with patience, effort, and an open mind, it is possible to build meaningful connections with individuals who share a similar cultural background and experience.

By embracing the diversity and breadth of the Assyrian diaspora, we can foster a greater sense of community and connection across the globe.


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