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Spring Equinox or Seasonal Puberty?

You decide.

From "The Tao of Wu" by RZA of rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

It’s officially upon us. We’ve gotten through the bulk of the holiday season, leaving us plenty to look forward to collectively—the promise of warm days and warmer nights to come.

Combatting the lack of vitamin D and seasonal depression, spring is a season of transition, encompassing most elements of nature within a few short months.

What’s become so fascinating for us, is the opportunity of growth and prosperity during times of transition.

We've been doing a lot of self reflection at Salem's Vision. Looking back at our positive attributes and negative and how they've helped us grow, painfully or not.

Check out this excerpt from my upcoming book to see the transition begin...

"you rotted of memories.

they were your ex's and they stewed the back of your mind ready to steam from each of your orifices.

but her forward thinking saw a seedling drop from a wilted tale of heartbreak that was in need of planting.

for often we forget the entire plant lives within the tiny simple seed

and with love and nurture slowly you sprouted and your essence began to take form

you began to flower, not ripe enough to pick

when winter tried to pull you out of the ground

tugging and scraping at your beauty

and the daughter of Mother Nature almost let you escape,

she froze knowing it wasn't time.

she watched the rain come down and try to drown you away she saw the snow bite the glow of your triumphant rays

she couldn't shield you from the tragedies of the world, but she could give what you needed to survive

she saw you grow and build and she swelled with pride so strong

it expelled tears from her eyes and

joy from her throat and

desire from her heart,

yet still you were not ready to pick.

she kept you planted and encouraged you to fertilize, to grow further, to evolve,

and she watched you blossom, struggling, but with ease.

she endlessly bragged to anyone with a pair of ears about you.

to the people she held dearest.

to those she shared blood.

even to strangers in passing.

she tried to describe her admiration

for the beauty of a masterpiece in bloom.

for she knew in the back of her mind the moment she pulled you from the ground the world would only admire your beauty

to the point

where she terminated it."

We entered this writing and tarot adventure out of pure interest and hobby, but quickly fell in love with the prospect of pursuing a true catalytic passion.

With our fingers crossed, and the flowers defrosting—check out how we bloomed as the seasons changed.

"it wasn't until they redirected their growth that she realized he was never meant to be picked.

not because his love wasn't a match for hers

not because the world would seize to experience his beauty

not because they could never get the timing right

not even because he chose to rebloom in the shadows near concrete

because love

in its purest form

is about appreciation

not possession."

Love and light,


All my love,

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