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Our foundation

I'm Christina Salem. Call me Salem, tho.

I attended Oakland University for a major in journalism and a minor concentration in Public Relations.

I travelled this past July as an intern PR spokesperson for a study abroad in which I was taught international journalism while observing the economic and refugee crisis in Greece.

It’s led to me hold a stronger passion in bringing members of my community together and uplift one another in positive ways.

Which lead me to start Chaldean Ladies Connect, a Facebook group for Chaldean women to express themselves freely and without judgment in hopes of collaborating on projects, supporting independent businesses, and building stronger relationships for a more unified generation of involved, compassionate, and intelligent Chaldean women.

As I did more research and history on my culture to better prepare myself for my mission ahead I came across fascinating information about it’s history regarding astrology.

I began to immerse myself in the subject going through phases in my life where it was prevalent vs not.

Then I came across an ad at my eyebrow place for a numerology reader, and I was consumed with fascination.

I had always loved Harry Potter as a kid, The Powerpuff Girls and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch and all things supernatural.

So I ended up looking to get some kind of reading and that first reading gave me clarification and counsel and I found myself yet again ready to immerse in a fascinating subculture of astrology.

Upon seeing other tarot readers and psychics and pursuing independent research on the subject I was told on numerous occasions I possessed a gift of understanding parallel to many people I sought.

After being gifted my own deck of cards I practiced and practiced and practiced in parts all around the world like Greece, Toronto, and Costa Rica consuming different fields of energy and emotional vibration to better understand humanity as a whole and how I can serve it purposefully.

Thus, Salem's Vision was born. See you on the flip side.


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